Wetpaint.com Mobile-first re-design and re-platform

Wetpaint was purchased by Viggle, the same company that acquired the start-up I was previously working for. The wetpaint.com website in its inherited state was completely outdated.

Old Wetpaint.com

But the site had a tremendous user base and a dedicated team keeping it running. My personal goal was to make the experience better for the users, while also delivering on the goals of the business. Fortunately, those goals were fairly close in alignment, mostly.

User goals:

  • Show me stuff I want to see
  • Show me a lot of that stuff
  • Tell me how to get more of that stuff

Business goals:

  • Keep users engaged by giving them what they want, and what they don't know that they want
  • Get users to return (by doing the above)
  • Get users to share (by doing the above)
  • Integrate Viggle Points and Rewards

The first few goals of the business and the users were aligned and relatively easy to design for. Most users came into the site through referral (social media, web searches, deep links, etc.), and did so via mobile apps and browsers. For users who came in directly through the home page, they were presented an endless list of articles. Users who came directly into an article were served a series of related articles that appeared at the end of the initial article.Rather than serving an infinite number of related articles, we limited them to five or so articles (this number was adjustable, allowing us to multi-variant test to find the right number). Once the user reached the article limit, they were prompted to subscribe to Wetpaint to continue reading articles for free. While reading articles, users would be able to see their progress in each article and see what were the next articles in the queue.

The last part of this re-design was to integrate the ability for Wetpaint readers to earn Viggle Points while on the site. This was accomplished by integrating the Viggle Entertainment Rewards platform. Users would be presented with video ads which they could watch to earn Viggle Points. As well, relevant content from the Viggle Store would be inserted into articles, encouraging users to start earning Viggle Points in order to get the items from the Viggle Store.

In order to help the developers properly build the site and features, I created animations that illustrate specific desired behaviors. You can view some of them here:


My favorite part of this entire project was how we made it happen. We had a team of engineers  and product managers in Seattle, UX design in San Francisco, plus back-end developers, visual design, and managing stakeholders in New York. We pulled it off in less than three months!

Jake demonstrated a broad understanding of how to approach complex challenges. He has the ability to communicate his ideas in a simple, straight forward way delivering smart, detailed designs to clients, department heads and executive teams.
— Anthony Faria - Creative Director, Viggle