Their words, not mine.

Jake is just a remarkably talented and dedicated designer. I have interacted with him primarily through his contributions to Redbubble, and the simple fact is that he is brilliant. His skills are matched by a sharp wit and precise writing style. He is committed to making a contribution to society in his work and outside of it.
— Martin Hosking - CEO, RedBubble
Jake’s amazingly talented, detail-oriented, and creative as a designer, and he gets stuff done rapidly. I haven’t come across a more versatile, solution-finding designer in a single package.
— Anoop Singha - Engineering at Facebook
Jake was a great manager, very supportive, very easy to approach, and always made sure his team new how appreciated they each were.
— Amanda Bloom Stover - UX/UI Designer, Developer, MTVN
Working with Jake was a great experience. He was very clear on his designs and didn’t waiver on what he wanted, which I appreciated as a developer. He was always open to suggestions and would incorporate others’ ideas into his design if was good for the product.
— Chermaine Zimmerman - Software Engineer at POPSUGAR
Jake has always been a good leader. He has personally been an inspiration and mentor in general design, web design and the business of design.
— Ryan Brownlow - UX Designer at