OrthoClear Product Packaging, Marketing Collateral, and Product Display

OrthoClear Custom Product Packing

The truly remarkable thing about this seemingly unremarkable package design is based on some truly remarkable patent language written by OrthoClear's competitor, Invisalign.

A work of truly evil genius, the Invisalign patent was written in such a way as to prevent anyone - OrthoClear in this case - from labeling their package of aligners sequentially. This matters greatly, because in order for the aligners to work properly, they have to be worn in proper sequence.

To get around this patent problem, I devised a system that relied on intuition to ensure the patients would wear the proper aligner first. This concept works by making the second aligner inaccessible without going through the first aligner. We also designed the case to be small enough for the patient to carry around, used medical-grade plastics for the containing trays, and put great emphasis on the OrthoClear brand so it would serve as great advertising when stacked up in dental offices.

As part of our services, we also sourced the manufacturer and supplier. Unfortunately for all, OrthoClear was acquired by Invisalign before they could take receipt of the first shipment.


Other services included design and production of trade show booths and displays, and marketing collateral and displays. The brochure display (below) was a custom design. It held product brochures in the front and refills in the back. Below the brochures were the actual product on display, illuminated by a single diffused LED.


One of the last major projects I worked on for OrthoClear before they were absorbed into Invisalign, this infomercial was made to describe the product and the process to potential patients. See the video:


Additional credit:

Jake Barlow - Creative Director, Art Director,
Writer, Co-EditorBen Kutchins - Director of Cinematography
Evin Grant - Second unit
Stefano Moris - Composting, Editing, Visual FX