Jake is one of the most talented product designers I’ve worked with in my years. He worked both at the macro “big picture” level as well as rolled up the sleeves to get everything done.
— Jeremy Toeman - Chief Product Officer, Dijit

NextGuide Content Discovery Platform


I joined Dijit Media to lead the design efforts for the NextGuide media discovery platform for broadcast and streaming content. What we originally referred to as Social Guide was spawned from the company’s original product, the Dijit Remote for smartphones and tablets. 


The remote was a tool, without much opportunity for financial growth. It was a paid-app, which is where revenue came from, so it had a rather low cap. Dijit needed a new plan for growth. 

Dijit's initial plan was to expand the remote from smartphones to the iPad, and to incorporate a discovery guide to go along with the local listings feature in the current app. (The example below is not my work!)

ipad remote

But the new Chief Product Officer had a bigger idea for the product, which was less about the remote and more about the content. He called his idea “a TV Guide on steroids.” It was to be a rich media guide, but one designed to show users accessible content tailored to their preferences with influences from their social graph.

ipad remote 2

My Role

I was initially brought in to do some visual design concepts, but that quickly evolved into lead UX designer and co-product designer. 

The Problem

Finding the best thing to watch on TV or streaming online was difficult for most users. Either the content wasn’t relevant, or it took too long to discover. Finding out if something was available on streaming required going to multiple sources.

The Approach

I needed to understand who we were creating the product for, other than anyone who watched live TV or Netflix. I needed to identify those that had the most potential for using and evangelizing the product. I needed to write user stories, their goals, and possible scenarios. Fortunately, Dijit had a good sized community of users we could survey. We also surveyed as many people as we could in our networks and compared that against available market data. From that, I crafted these personas:

This is one of the personas we utilized:

DVR Dave Persona

And his scenario:

DVR Dave Scenario

Using the surveys and the market research data, I was able to identify the goals of our users. These were prioritized based on recurring patterns, and how well they aligned with current business objectives.

user goals