It takes great teams to make great products that solve problems for people. The best products delight people, and convert that delight into business success. These are projects where I’ve followed or led, and contributed to creating successful products and experiences.


Funny Or Die App

Funny Or Die has amazing content, so why is the bounce rate so high on mobile compared to desktop, and how can retention and engagement on mobile be increased? Read on to see how we solved this problem spectacularly... 


NextGuide Content Discovery Platform

"What is on that I want to watch right now?" It's an old question, and one that is increasingly harder to answer in this age of broadcast, on-demand, and streaming content. Read on to see how we approached this problem... Re-design and re-platform

"Hit it and quit it" was the M.O. of most visitors, and no wonder. Most came in from social media referrals, and on mobile. But the existing website wasn't designed for mobile, nor for the video ads we were serving. This is how we made a winning product for users and the business...


Other Projects