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I was quite lucky in many respects with in my role as Creative Director for MTV Networks, mainly in the variety of projects I got to work on, including this video. It was made to promote a subscription product for MTVN's The goal was to explain the product through the perspective of an imaginary user, bringing personality, humor, and whimsy to what would typically be a boring infomercial. It was very loosely inspired by the clever in-flight safety video from Virgin America, and the primary voiceover was from the delightful Mo Mellady, who also provided the voice for the character from the older E-surance commercials.

The full-length version:

30-seconds version:


Jake Barlow - Creative Director, Art Director, Producer
Maisa Morin - Art Director, Illustrator
Josh Jacob - Technical Designer, Animator, Editor
Vincent Carrella - Writer
Mo Mellady - Voiceover, female
Scott Reyns - Voiceover, male

Jake was supportive of my career goals, a passionate proponent of the design team, and a kind manager who understood how to lead and motivate a team. He pushed me to grow, helped me to succeed, and coached me through challenges.
— Maisa Morin - Art Director, MTVN