Who is jake barlow? 

Digital Product Designer, Illustrator

I’ve loved drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, and I've taught myself how to draw and paint in every medium from charcoal to digital. I parlayed my hobby into a successful start of a creative career. After a brief stint as a graphic designer in the USAF, I went back to school to advance my design education, which I paid for by working part-time managing nightclubs, and doing freelance illustration projects whenever I could. I dropped out of school after picking up too many projects painting murals and designing souvenir prints. I moved to San Francisco to build on my career as an illustrator, arriving just in time as the World Wide Web was taking off. I was fortunate to have the support of my early clients as I pivoted from providing illustration services to building websites and creating interactive products. 

Just as I had taught myself how to draw and paint, I taught myself how to layout web pages in Illustrator and Photoshop, and how to code HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also had the fortune of being mentored by successful business leaders. In just a few short years, I was running my own creative services business designing everything from interactive micro-sites and corporate websites, to print marketing and trade show displays for clients such as Tiger Electronics, MTV Studios, and General Electric. Partnering with my Art Director, we grew this business into a boutique agency. At our zenith, we were providing creative services for clients such as Yahoo!, Hard Rock Cafe International, Genentech, and Philips, as well as local San Francisco businesses which included McRoskey Mattress Company, San Francisco Fish Company, and Prather Ranch Meat Co. 

I later joined MTV Networks Nickelodeon Games Group where I further developed my leadership skills as a manager of eight full-time designers. I also brought user experience design best practices to our organization, and played an integral part in transitioning our product development methodology from Waterfall to Agile. Before leaving MTVN, I began my first mobile app project–the AddictingGames compilation app, which went to #1 in the App Store in the first week. 

Since then, my career has been mostly focused on native and mobile web product design, and designing successful consumer and SaaS products. These include the critically acclaimed NextGuide and Funny Or Die apps.  My roles have been predominantly hands-on with varying degrees of leadership responsibilities. 

As of December 2016, I've been working as a Senior Interaction Designer on the Search Content UX team at Google.

This is my résumé, and my LinkedIn profile.